Partner Information

Our consortium comprises leading government, academic, industry and health and social care organisations.

There are two types of partners in the consortium. There are experts who spend effort on coordination, monitoring and support. Then, there are procurers who publish the tender with the support of the experts. The North West Coast Academic Health Science Network in England is a new type of organisational structure, reflecting the need for the NHS to have stronger relationships with the academic communities and industry. The Italian Federation of healthcare trusts and municipalities (Federsanità ANCI) will guide the tenders, assist their evaluation and promote the exploitation among its members after the project.

Similar arrangements are in force in The Netherlands and Spain, where both partners have long-term experience and also will contribute. The TSA Integrated Telecare and Telehealth Code of Practice, amongst others, will be utilised to underpin the delivery of high quality, guaranteed, challenging and audited standards for the consumers of the service. ESP Central – together with the other partners – will promulgate findings and exchange outcomes – among others – to other EU PPI Projects (HAPPI, Silver), the AAL Forum, the EU learning network, etc.

Our Partners

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