The overarching strategy of STOPandGO is to pilot an innovative procurement process to improve the lives of older citizens, according to the instrument named “Public Procurement of Innovative Solutions” (PPI). The project will produce and validate a standard “European Specification Template” (EST), that will be enacted in a coordinated manner in six localities, e.g. region within a country.

With STOPandGO we will show that an innovative procurement process based on the service delivery approach will prioritise the ongoing evaluation of the achievement of meaningful results of clearly defined clinical and social outcomes.

Our Procurer teams are ready with appropriate patient groups in four Member States, which will make up more than 5,000 users. We have identified relevant services and suppliers who will be invited to an open tender. The approach emphasises the importance of developing outcome-based service specifications with clear built in key performance indicators.

STOPandGO is in line with the European priority to support the implementation of innovative solutions and purchasing in health care to ensure cost-effective care and enhanced well-being for the aging population. This will encourage organisations to embrace innovative technology at scale, to build a critical mass for healthcare innovations.