STOPandGO will provide an improved service for older citizens by ensuring good management and governance, procurement, interoperability, legal, ethical and regulatory aspects, coordinated local tendering, quality control and evaluation, dissemination and exploitation.

A set of local Tenders will be published by the procurers in close cooperation with the advisors – following EU regulations – and coordinated in each locality by the Executive Board.

In the first 20 months we will achieve the following milestones: overall project set-up and governance; application of the procurement process to include identification of outcomes and key performance indicators, preparation of business cases, tendering, and awarding of the contracts to the providers best aligned to the tender design.

Providers will deliver the desired outcomes for a sample population of over 5,000 beneficiaries. The remaining months will be spent deploying, monitoring and evaluating the achievement of identified outcomes, as well as continuing the dissemination of best practice deriving from the PPI pilot.

The STOPandGO consortium is already in contact with coordinators of other PPI, namely Carole Gandon (PPI – HAPPI project), Gaynor Whyles (PPI –ECOQUIP), and Steven Browning (PPI – SILVER project), to learn from each other and to set up future meetings for the exchange of best practices.