The European Commission is supporting public organisations to sign more and better innovation procurements for ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) based solutions across the EU, thanks to a new three-year initiative. Innovation procurement empowers public authorities to procure pioneering, state-of-the-art solutions customised to their specific needs, and helps local and central governments to provide tax payers with the best possible quality services.

The European Assistance for Innovation Procurement (eafip) initiative will assist public procurers (ministries, local authorities, universities, hospitals, public utility companies, etc.) to implement innovation procurements for ICT based solutions across the European Union. Assistance will take the form of helping procurers in the design and implementation of their procurement process and providing a toolkit to assist them with the procedure. The initiative also offers training in the form of nine workshops across Europe specifically targeted at providing procurers and using good practice approaches and hands-on support. 
eafip will also promote innovation procurement to a wide audience through three major events. The first major event will take place on 27th and 28th October in the City Hall of Paris. The two-day event targets policy makers, procurers, procurement law firms and businesses, to raise awareness about major PCP/PPI initiatives across Europe and organise networking between stakeholders to discuss new ideas and initiatives for EU wide cooperation on PCP/PPI.
Please visit the eafip website for more information about the initiative and upcoming events.
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