Usl Toscana Sud-Est (Italy) will test and validate the reference model EST, developed within the European project STOPandGO, to promote public contracts for the acquisition of health and social services enhanced by digital technologies, which enable the implementation of innovative care models for elderly people.

Specifically, Usl Toscana Sud-Est (Italy) has planned to tenders for the procurement of technological and organizational services to support health workers in planning, management and provision of home care services for patients with chronic diseases. Through the use of digital technologies, the Italian health organization intends to:

  • raise, through the integration of health and social services, the quality of the services provided and therefore the well-being of the population, with particular reference to elderly citizens suffering from chronic diseases;
  • promote solutions that facilitate the exchange of information between the professionals involved in the care process;
  • deliver telemedicine services to patients with chronic diseases (particularly, COPD and heart failure 3rd and 4th grade NYHA);
  • acquire, manage and analyze information necessary for the delivery and evaluation of the service.

In order to come to a complete definition of the tender, Usl Toscana Sud-Est has launched an Open Market Consultation to collect inputs from the market about:

  • the solutions already on the shelf and exploitable in an innovative way in the health sector,
  • the strengths and the weaknesses that may characterize the procurement process of innovative services,
  • the best way to implement a pay-per-performance approach.

All the third parties interested in the Market Consultation are invited to fill the questionnaire, available both in English and in Italian, to the following link and return it by mail before the 16th January 2017.